Repair of floors and other surfaces

In addition to repairing floors, we also repair concrete stairs, tanks, balconies, etc. If you have not found information about the renovation of the surface you are looking for, call us and ask for a full offer.

Repair in places of worn corundum

Mechanical and chemical cleaning of concrete floors, priming, thin-layer protection. This method allows for an immediate repair of concrete.

The use of a thin-layer floor has many advantages:

  • no difference in levels between the protected layer and the original floor,
  • the possibility of recreating fragments of the floor in places of damage – worn corundum,
  • securing the floor against further devastation, the lack of corundum (protective layer) causes very fast corrosion of concrete, dusting and the formation of cracks and pores in the concrete.

Moreover, a floor without a protective layer is very difficult to keep clean, dirt penetrates into the concrete significantly deteriorating the appearance of the floor and its properties. In the thin-layer method used by our company, the protection process is preceded by mechanical (floor shot-blasting) and chemical cleaning of the surface, which results in deep penetration.

After the concrete has been cleaned, the primer and the actual floor are applied. The above method greatly improves the visual effect. The floor is colorless, resistant to water, most chemicals, oils, greases and gasoline. It has a very high abrasion resistance.

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Resin floors – replacement concrete

In its offer, SEAN has industrial floors based on a 2-component, solvent-free reactive resin. The use of substitute concrete resin depends on the substrate and its properties.

Conducting tests of the substrate, and in particular the resistance to peeling off, is a necessary condition for the selection and execution of the floor. The condition of the substrate and its soiling determine the method of cleaning and preparing the floor.

Our company uses two methods: shot blasting or milling. An adhesive layer is applied to the prepared, cleaned surface.

The tack layer is covered with a replacement coating based on resin and quartz sand. The choice of the color of the floor is up to the customer. The thickness of the substitute coating depends on the customer’s requirements and ranges from 5 to 30 mm. After the floor is cured after 24 hours.

Full hardening takes place after 4 days. Resin floors made by our company are characterized by: resistance to water, oils, gasoline, high resistance to abrasion and compression.

Repair of the floor after making new sewerage approaches

We provide the service of filling cracks and gaps in concrete floors. Depending on the place and size of the defects, the gaps are filled up using two methods:

  • Colorless, 2-component epoxy-based resin – the resin has excellent adhesion to concrete, is resistant to water, chemicals, mineral oils, numerous acids and bases, as well as thermal and abrasion. By using the resin, high compressive strength, crushing strength and peeling strength are achieved.
  • One-component cement mortar, modified with plastic, of high strength – the mortar is intended for cavities with a thickness of 12 to 40 mm. It is characterized by high mechanical strength, high peel strength, as well as low shrinkage and low residual stresses.

Depending on the size and place of occurrence, filling the defects takes place before or after the mechanical treatment of the floor.

Renovation of concrete floors

We would like to present an offer for the renovation of concrete floors. Renovation of the above-mentioned floor is a method of noiseless and dust-free sanding.

The above method consists in the mechanical removal of the damaged top layer of concrete as a result of use. In this method, concrete is wet or dry ground with dust extraction, which does not create a dust vapor and does not exclude from use some sectors that are undergoing regeneration.

Interference with the hardened concrete layer, in the case of the floor, is minimal. Grinding is designed to clean the surface of dirt, grease and other contaminants. During grinding processing, microcracks in the concrete are exposed.

The recrystallizer penetrates the microcracks filling them. Penetrates into concrete surfaces, securing and permanently strengthening them. The recrystallizer significantly increases the watertightness of concrete, while increasing the compressive strength and abrasion resistance. The recrystallizer is chemically indelible.


The SEAN company, after carrying out many tests with concrete impregnating agents, uses the protection of concrete with a care agent, and at the same time strengthening the concrete structure in floors.

The agent used by our company has been proven in practice and in the long-term operation of concrete floors, it increases their operational values.

This agent is a colorless, translucent liquid that penetrates into concrete surfaces, protecting, preserving and permanently strengthening them. The agent cannot be removed chemically, at the same time we ensure that the agent does not cause any blooms or discoloration on the concrete. The measure does not change the natural appearance of the concrete.

The main advantages of the measure include:

  • increasing the compressive strength (according to Pn-88 / B-06250 by over 20%),
  • increased abrasion resistance (according to Pn-88 / B-06250 by over 30%),
  • increases water resistance up to 40%.

The agent does not interfere with the previously used powder hardeners, eg PANBEXD, KORUND, etc. The agent in combination with powder hardeners, apart from further strengthening the surface layer, ensures non-dusting. The effective time of the agent’s action, thanks to its penetration into the concrete structure, is unlimited. The concrete surface improves its parameters over time.

On surfaces protected with the above agent, a natural gloss occurs after 6 to 12 months, it is the result of cement recrystallization and sealing of the concrete surface. Double protection of the concrete floor with an impregnating agent with the properties of concrete recrystallization, increasing the operational value, is included in the price of floor regeneration.


Why us?

Specialized staff

Professionals, specialized equipment and modern technologies ensure the highest quality of services


Our company and staff have certificates confirming compliance with safety standards and requirements

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We believe that continuous development and training of the staff is the best guarantee of high-quality services


SEAN has over 20 years of experience in the floor construction and repair market

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Other services


Mineral floors

We provide comprehensive ABS mineral floors. These are self-leveling, thin-layer floors, consisting of cement, aggregates, special admixtures and non-ferrous metal additives. Mineral floors

Resin floors

Two-component epoxy composition (a mixture of resin with additives). We make thin-layer floors on concrete substrates (industrial and commercial facilities, parking lots, garages, residential buildings). Resin floors

Concrete floors

Painting concrete floors with the use of two-component polyurethane-based paint - for the protection and decoration of concrete surfaces in halls, garages, warehouses, laboratories and sports halls. Concrete floors

Repair of expansion joints

Repair of expansion joints in industrial floors, caused by mechanical loads, must be durable and reliable. Repair of expansion joints

Repair of scratches on floors

Depending on the cause of cracks, we use methods such as closing the cracks by gluing them together, joining separated layers or filling in the cracks. Repair of scratches on floors

Sanding floors

The method of floor grinding consists in the mechanical removal of the surface layer of concrete damaged as a result of use. Sanding floors

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