Grinding with the use a chemical agent for surface reinforcement and dust-free grinding using a recrystallisation agent

Grinding with the use a chemical agent for surface reinforcement.

Stage 1
Initial planetary grinding in order to remove cement wash and dirt.
This stage uncovers the surface layer of corundum floor.

Stage 2
Grinding of corundum layer.
It prepares the surface for application of the chemical agent as well as the following polishing stages.

Stage 3
Application of the chemical agent on a formerly prepared surface.
The use of the chemical agent allows for recrystallisation of the surface layer of the floor thus enhancing its properties.

Stage 4
Floor polishing.
Polishing allows to obtain a surface characterized by high quality and aesthetics.

Stage 5
Stopping of floor decrements.
Filling of the defects with the use of quick-setting resins. A palette of colours is available upon request. In case of large decrements the filling may be applied before stage 2 (grinding of corundum layer).

Stage 6
Repairing of the expansion joints.
Removal of the defected expansion joint, cleaning of the side surfaces of the floor slabs, another application of the modelling mass.

In case of the grinding technique with the use of the BC 2000 agent for surface reinforcement, we offer the price for grinding including stopping 52,00 pln net for one square metre.

In case of the grinding technique with use of the Concrete Sil + (lithium) agent for surface reinforcement our offered price for grinding including stopping is 54,00 pln net for one square metre.

Dust-free grinding using a recrystallisation agent.

We would like to submit our offer for the task of concrete floor renovation in Makro network wholesale shops. The renovation would be carried out by noiseless and dust-free grinding, with the use of recrystallisation agent technique.
The method is based on a mechanical removal of upper concrete layer, damaged during service. It involves dry grinding of concrete with the use of suction hoods, which prevents formation of any dust clouds, and allows the renovated shop house sectors to stay in normal operation. Impact on hardened layer of concrete is minimal in case of shop floors. Grinding is carried out to clean the surface from dirt, grease and other stains and also to expose microcracks in concrete. Recrystallisation agent penetrates the cracks and fills them, which provides protection for the concrete surface while also reinforcing it. Recrystallisation agent markedly improves waterproofness of concrete while at the same time boosting its compression and abrasion resistance. It cannot be removed by chemical means.
After many tests with concrete impregnation agents, SEAN company can provide concrete protection which also reinforces the surface of concrete in floors. Agents used by our company are tested in long-time service of concrete floors, making them more advantageous in use. The agents are colourless. Their penetration of concrete surface makes it more durable by protecting and reinforcing it for life. They cannot be removed by chemical agents and we can also guarantee that they will not cause any discolourations of concrete – its surface will look just the same as before.
Our agents do not come into conflict with powder hardeners such as PANBEXD, KORUND etc., which could have been used earlier. The combination of our agent with a powder hardener provides further strengthening of a surface layer together with elimination of dusting. The time of effective influence of the agent is unlimited (for life) thanks to its penetration of concrete structure. Actually, the parametres of concrete surface improve in time.
SEAN company has been operating on the market since 1999. The scope of our activity includes renovation of floors made of concrete, marble, granite and terrazzo. We are a highly specialised company focused on cleaning, grinding, polishing and maintenance of all types of stone surfaces – natural and human-made, indoor and outdoor. We are in possession of specialised machinery which ensures that the high-quality work is done quickly.
SEAN Sp. z o.o. has co-operated with Makro Cash and Carry Polska for many years. Within the scope of this co-operation we carried out the renovation of floors in shopping halls in Szczecin, Gdańsk-Przejazdowo and Wrocław, and the total area of renovated floor was abt. 100,000 sq.m.
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